Why you should use a serum

Heard a lot about serums but not sure how to use them in your routine? Let us guide you through.

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Why you should use a serum
Why you should use a serum

A serum is a potent skincare product with results. Read about how it affects your skin and how to make the most of it by using it the right way.

A serum is a concentrate that is, as the name implies, an active skincare product in a concentrated form for the face and neck. It can hydrate, bring radiance, firm, smooth, or balance the skin. Most of the serums are in fluid form. LUMENE has also a pressed serum that comes in a jar instead of a bottle.

The best results are achieved by using a serum both in the morning and in the evening together with a facial cream. A serum used on its own is not ideal, since the formula is usually quite light and it doesn’t offer enough protection to the skin. A cream is a finishing touch that ensures the serum’s effectiveness.

Choose a serum according to your age, skin type and skin’s needs. You can use a serum daily or temporarily, for example, after the winter or summer or whenever your skin needs special attention. Your skin may need a different serum depending on the time of year or in different phases of life.

Lumene DE
Lumene DE

Why should you use a serum?

  • A serum has effective active ingredients that absorb well providing your skin effective care. In serums the active ingredients are in a concentrated form.
  • A serum helps the facial cream absorb better into skin enhancing also the effectiveness of the cream. A concentrate can reduce the amount of facial cream needed meaning that your facial cream lasts longer.
  • A serum helps with skin issues: when you choose a serum according to your skin’s specific needs, there is no need to change the entire skincare routine. A serum is actually an easy, potent addition to your skincare routine when addressing specific needs.

How should you use a serum?

  • Use it the morning and/or at night. You can also use one type of a serum in the morning and another at night as the skin may have different needs during the day and night.

  • Take a little bit of the product on your palm and apply it with washed hands on a cleansed skin after a cleanser, a toner, a beauty lotion and an eye cream. Then, after the serum, continue by applying a day cream or a night cream.

  • You can apply the serum by using gentle strokes or by pressing it on lightly. The most important thing is to apply the product evenly for it to absorb well. Remember the neck area, too!

  • Follow the serum guidelines regarding the suitability to the sensitive eye area. Some of the products may have ingredients that might irritate especially sensitive eyes.

  • Apply a day or night cream after the serum. It locks the efficacy of the serum into the skin. It also hydrates, protects and prevents the evaporation of the moisture that has been delivered into skin. Keep in mind that because of a serum you might actually need less facial cream than you normally would, if using only the cream.

    Tip! You can also use a serum with gua sha massage. Try a bit to find the right amount of serum suitable for gua sha rolling: you don’t want the skin to be too slippery nor too dry, you need the right combination of friction and slip to use a gua sha stone. After the massage, you can apply the cream.

How to use a Serum

Why not try these?

Lumene nordic hydra arctic Dew quenching aqua serum

This serum is enriched with replenishing organic nordic birch sap, moisture retaining nordic algae, pure arctic spring water and plumping hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate the deepest surface layers of the epidermis. Clinically tested instant and long lasting hydrating effect up to 72 hours. Improved results in long term use. Suitable for all skin types.

Lumene DE
Lumene DE
Lumene DE
Lumene DE

Lumene nordic-c [VALO] glow boost essence

The Nordic-C [Valo] Glow Boost Essence energises and boosts glow for radiant, intensely hydrated skin. Containing a unique radiance-enhancing blend with berry extract from antioxidant-rich wild Arctic cloudberry and vitamin C combined with Arctic spring water and two types of hyaluronic acid for instant and lasting hydration, this super concentrated serum works to promote the appearance of more youthful-looking skin that feels plumper, smoother and looks more radiant. The product is vegan, containing upcycled and wild-crafted ingredients.

Lumene [LUMO] nordic bloom anti-wrinkle & firm moisturizing v-shape serum

This concentrate instantly helps beautify the appearance of facial contours and gives skin a tightened, smoother and radiant look. Works to reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles and improve look of skin firmness with continued use. The illuminating and lightweight formula is infused with our innovative Nordic Berry Pre-Retinol complex, our patented quercetin-rich Nordic Lingonberry extract, and plumping red Algae.

Lumene DE
Lumene DE

Lumene [LUMO] nordic bloom vitality anti-wrinkle & revitalize oil serum

Nordic Bloom Vitality Anti-Wrinkle & Revitalize Oil Serum instantly revitalises mature and dry skin and helps reduce the look of advanced signs of aging: wrinkles, dullness, dryness and loss of volume. Infused with Nordic Berry Pre-Retinol and our revitalizing blend with Nordic willowherb this indulging oil serum nurtures and instantly restores youthful glow.

Lumene arctic hydra care [ARKTIS] moisture & relief rich oleo-serum

Revitalise and soothe sensitive or dry skin and fortify skin’s protective moisture barrier against external irritants with LUMENE Arctic Hydra Care [Arktis] Moisture & Relief Rich Oleo-Serum. Infused with a soothing blend of Nordic bilberry and oat oils, hydrating betaine and ceramides, this concentrated oil-in-serum provides intense and lasting hydration. It provides instant relief from feeling of tightness and helps minimize dryness-induced redness. Developed in co-operation with Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation, this vegan, fragrance-free serum is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Lumene DE
Lumene DE

Lumene [AJATON] nordic ageless radiant youth pressed serum

This pressed serum combines the potency of a serum with the comfort and protection of a cream. The gel-like bouncy formula will transform into a lightweight silky texture to nourish dull and depleted skin. Protecting lingonberry native cells, radiance-boosting fermented cloudberries and soothing Nordic heather along with pH skin friendly Arctic Spring Water create a naturally potent serum-meets-moisturiser, perfect for more mature skin types.

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